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GPS Tracker


How it works (please use this app to protect your loved ones).1) Install the app on the mobile phone you want to get real-time GPS locations.2) The first time you install, click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button.3) Enter your email and a password to create your PRIVATE account.4) and that's it! MOBILE will start sending device locations silently.
You can now go to from any web browser and login. A Google Map will be displayed showing you real-time location (up to every minute) and GPS locations history.
► 5 million users have already installed our GPS Tracker FAMILY LOCATOR.
Do not hesitate to install this app on your Android device to check how it works. If you need some help please login to your GPS Tracker FAMILY LOCATOR account and click on the Help Center menu option. A registration form will be displayed so you can contact us.
Please also check for help at, or visit:
If you want to create your account before installing the app, please go to and use the registration form.